About The Brand

TOTON is a retelling of Indonesia’s inherent stories through fresh eyes and a new vision. It is a contemporary womenswear brand that explores
 the nation’s natural beauty and diverse culture with modern reinterpretations, celebrating heritage while deconstructing traditions 
for a new approach in women’s ready-to-wear fashion.

TOTON was founded in 2012 with Haryo Balitar,
out of their mutual interest in exploring Indonesia’s through fashion.

Based in Jakarta, TOTON offers a unique take by projecting new ideas on women’s ready-to-wear. Techniques that are traditionally used for folk and ceremonial costumes are rethought and reworked. Classics are infused with reinterpretations of ethnic cloths and garments. Juxtaposing those elements with menswear-inspired cuts and silhouettes.

The brand aspires to highlight on exotic twists of artistry and wearability.